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I learned about amateur radio during an ARRL Field Day in 2010. At the time I was a student and couldn't afford the extra expense of the hobby, therefore I put the idea of becoming a licensed ham on the wayside.  I studied at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and earned a Private Pilot Certificate in 2009 and completed a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics in 2011. Shortly after I was accepted into the NOAA Commissioned Officer Corps (NOAA Corps) and began Basic Officer Training Class (BOTC) 118.  There I learned seamanship, firefighting, water survival, etc… to ultimately pilot a NOAA research vessel.  

I had the honor of serving on the NOAA Ship Delaware II in Woods Hole, MA and Oregon II in Pascagoula, MS.  Both ships had different fisheries research missions of which I had the honor of supporting.  My goal as a NOAA Officer was to be a pilot and hurricane hunter.  I was accepted to NOAAs flight training program, but sustained an injury before I would leave for flight training.  I received an honorable discharge almost one year later in 2014.

Fast forward to fall 2019 when my brother asked if I knew about amateur radio and said “you should become licensed”.  Since I was familiar with the hobby, it was time to study! I earned my Technician-class in December 2019, General-class in May 2020, and am currently studying for my Extra.

Animals are my passion, especially ducks.  I hatched Mochi and Marvel from eggs thus they imprinted on me. Mochi, the most notable duck, will quack into the microphone and when it is put up to his bill.  I like to call it making a “QuackSO”. He will also join me on Parks On The Air (POTA) activations. Ducks are extremely social and intelligent animals.  My intention of this channel is to educate viewers about animals, amateur radio, and everything in between. Enjoy! 

  • N1DUC Quack, Quack and 73!

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